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May 2, 2008

May 08 Clothing Catalog Secrets

New Clothing Catalog is out, and it’s pretty cool. Here are the secrets inside it.

To get the Crystal Staff

To get the Woodman Hat

To get the Cheesie Tie

To get the Viking Helmet ( Open and Close 4 times for the blue one. )  

Also in the Wig Catalog here is a secret, To get The Spikette

Also very big secret, This is how to see it.

1. Go to the end of the Catalog where it says How do you get coins?

2. Click on it and pull it down, it should appear like this.

3. Click the message and this is what it should say.

Letters Red Glitters - MySpace Layouts, MySpace GraphicsRed Glitter Text Letter R Glitters - MySpace Layouts, MySpace GraphicsLetters Red Glitters - MySpace Layouts, MySpace GraphicsRed Glitter Text Letter S GlittersLetters Red Glitters - MySpace Layouts, MySpace GraphicsLetters red GlittersLetters red GlittersRed Glitter Text Letter E Glitters 



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