Club Penguin Cheats and Tips

October 29, 2008

Halloween Party 2008

Let’s start off with the pumpkin basket. It is located in the snow forts: First Credit to Berg and Dirkd

From there, the first clue leads you to a blue flag. The candy is at the snow fort. Click the blue flag.

From there it is the candy corn. Which is located in the dance lounge. Click the lamp.

After that is the lollipop, which is located in the ski attic Click the blue box in the top right.

The 4th candy is the candy stew haha. Go to the plaza, and click the slime in the cauldron.

From there, the 5th candy is the pumpkin candy, it is loacted at the cove. Click the warning sign.

The 6th candy is the caramel. Go to the ice berg, and click the starry sky.

The 7th candy is the candy apple. It is at the beacon. Go to the beacon and wait for lighting to strike three times, then the apple will appear in the pumpkin’s left eye.

The 8th and final candy is in the book room. Click the book on the top shelf.

Now you have all the candies, you can now claim your BIG PUMPKIN BACKGROUND!

Ok, so now for the member’s secrets. Go to the book room, and click the green candle.

From there you have to have the rad scientist coat, when you do, enter the room, and you can get a free item that is the lantern.



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