Club Penguin Cheats and Tips

Club Penguin Glitches and Cheats

How to nub: Go on press F11 and press the white empty spot under where you type
Walking with a newspaper ( might not work anymore )
First, go to then go inside the book room and wait until somebody starts a game, join in when the ‘Do you want to join the game’ appears, click yes and go to the couch very fast. Drag a player card to the left and make sure the mail button is againts the left screen then click on the newspaper, now send a mail to anyone then dance. Now go to the town then go back to the place where you did the newspaper dance, you should be walking with a paper now. To check if it really works, try asking your friends

Dancing with a newspaper ( might not work anymore )
Go to then click on anyone so that their player card will appear on your screen, drag the player card all the way to left corner and make sure the mail button is against the edge of the screen. Open the newspaper then click on the send mail button and send a message to that person, click on the actions button then dance

Changing other peoples igloos (Fixed)
First, go to your igloo and click on the tape measure then use your spy phone to teleport to the headquarters. Open your map and go to other igloos then try moving their items. This is very simple, so i do not expect people asking questions on how to do it again

More then 100 buddies (Fixed)
For you to have 105 buddies, you’ll need to have 99 buddies or less. Click all of the people you want to be friends with, then wait 1 to 3 minutes for them to say yes. Go to your mail thingy and click ok to accept all friend requests. Now you will have more than 100 buddies.

Igloo Edit (Fixed)

Go to your igloo. Press the Igloo edit button. Press your player card. Go to HQ. Use the map and go to any member igloo. Now you can move things around

Stand near signs – Go to the mountain. Go to the bunny hill. While you are walking press the map. Join the game. When the game starts go to the town. Walk towards the sign on the right. Press w rapidly until you get there. Now your on the sign.(this can be done in a lot of places plaza, dock, etc.)

Puffle with no name: When you buy a puffle just hold down the space bar.

Wall item on floor. Floor item on wall:  (Fixed)Find a floor furniture that is in the top few rows of your inventory. Double click on it very fast. Press the tab button on your keyboard. Press enter. There should be a floor item on your wall now, and you shouldnt be in edit mode. Do the same thing to put a wall item on the floor except look for a wall item that is in the bottom few rows of your inventory.

Go through Jet Pack Adventure without getting a single coin and you will recieve a 1000 coin bonus.

Catchin waves cheat: Bring your red puffle with you when your playing and it will surf with you

Expert levels in Astro Barrier wait a minute or so between levels 30 and 31.

Catching Big Fish in Ice Fishing catch it with a normal sized fish.

Playing Desert mode in Pizzatron 3000 click the lever in the start menu.

Shooting Snowballs really fast: Just click the button T on your keyboard but make sure your not talking and it will throw them fast.

Walk through Fire: Go to the left of the fire in the cove click on the Catchin Waves Shack and you will just walk through it to get there.

Talk on a non-safe chat server: Just click the ? in your toolbar, uncheck the ultimate safe chat button, then change rooms on the map and you can chat.

Sitting Foreward: First Click on your penguin, Second look foreward, And third press S on your keyboard.

Flashing Words: First Say, “green commander of…” In the space after of you can say whatever you like.
Second, Walk around while saying it.



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  23. the silver surfboard is easy to find first u click on the star the shell and then the flower on the pink surfboard and the silver surfboard should come up=)

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    Editors Comment: Once you leave the persons igloo will go back to normal.

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  64. I know how to talk with the newspaper… Remember, this is NOT a hack… Here are the steps:
    1: Go to the far right/left of any CP room
    2: Open the paper
    3: Click we need you on the top left of the newspaper
    4: Click question
    5 Close the blue box
    6 Go to next page
    7 Press tab
    8: enter the words and press enter!

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