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September 12, 2008

New Stage, Pin

First of all credit goes to Boopy12345 for this post. I’m here to tell you about the new production at the stage and where the new pin is.

Here is the title of the new production at the stage:

Here is the list of the new items:

Gray Fedora – 250
Magnifying Glass – 150
Detective’s Coat – 650
Dazzle Dress – 600
Pearl Necklace – 550
Movie Star Wig – 600
Blue Felt Hat – 300
Blue Zoot Suit – 700
Skinny Blue Tie – 150
Black Zoot Shoes – 450
Doorman’s Cap – 150
Doorman’s Jacket – 400
Detective Background – 60
Director’s Cap – 250


How to get the Dark Detective Suit: Click on the Doorknob on the page of the Blue Suit and the Doorman Suit for the Dark Detective suit which costs 650 coins.

How to get the Noir Background: Go to the last page, and drag down the note that says “How Do I Get Coins?”

How to get the Ruby Gemstone pin: Perform the following steps in order.

1. Click on the file cabinet in the office.
2. Click on the trash can in front of the stairs.
3. Click on the book on the desk near the bottom of the screen.
4. Click on the vase with flowers near the couch.
5. Click on the picture near the script, the abstract painting of circles and ovals.
6. Click on the Ruby Gemstone in the safe and click yes.

The new production is pretty cool. A black and white theme I suppose.

Anyways here’s the new pin.


September 5, 2008

September Clothing and Wig Catalog

First of all credit goes to Wwe Adam The first cheat is the Viking Helmets, located on the yellow puffle in the color page.

Click and exit the red helmet 4 times for the blue.

Mixed bracelets are located on the nose of the model for the sunset dress.

Press the Sunburst Acoustic Guitar for a jade necklace.

Also check out the new fall background, I love it!

Now, the only thing in the wig catalog was to click the spikester for a spikette.

September 4, 2008

Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of the clothing catalog coming soon. The top left pic looks like a painters shirt. Top right looks like some sorta of hat. Bottom left looks like jeans. Bottom right looks like a bandana.


August 29, 2008

Furniture Catalog, New Pin

There is a New Furniture catalog here are the secrets in it

Click the Lava Lamp for the Blender

Click the Upright Piano foe the Guitar Stand

The New Pin is designed for the 150th newspaper and it’s located at the Boiler Room

August 22, 2008

Penguin Games

The Penguin Games is here and it’s really cool, Be sure to check out all the rooms it’s decorated really good. Credit to Bergeron4444 for some of the pics.

To recieve the blue face paint go to the Pizza Parlor and walk over bye the little table on the stage.

For the red face paint, Go to the Coffee Shop and walk over by the table in the bottom left hand corner.

There are 3 events to complete to recieve a Gold Medal item.

Swimming at the underground pool.

Three Lap Race at the iceburg.

 The Marathon at the Ski Village.

August 21, 2008

Penguin Games Party Spoiler

Here is a sneak peek of the penguin games party coming this friday. One of them looks like the mullet at the ski lodge and the other is the moose also at the ski lodge.

August 15, 2008

Sports Catalog, Igloo Upgrades, New Pin

There is a new Sports Catalog out involving the Olympics there are track suits and many furniture items.

Here is a new secret in the sports catalog, Click the pom pom for the Orange Helmet

There is a Igloo Catalog, Rockhoppers Igloo is in it.

Here is how Rockhopper’s Ship igloo looks

The New Pin is located at the Stage and it is a dodge ball.

August 8, 2008

Rockhopper’s Scavenger Hunt

You have to find the 8 paper boats loacated all over club penguin this is where to find it.

First paper boat located at the Mine

Second is located at the Cove

Third is at the Coffee Shop

Fourth is at the Beach

Fifth is at the Pool

Sixth is at the Pet Shop

Seventh is at the Dock

And the eighth is at the Ice Burg

Once you found them all put the Blue Prints like this and collect your prize.

Also Rockhopper came with new items

If you click the Steering Wheel you can get a life Rink

Don’t forget to check out the stage there is a new backround. Also if your wondering Ress isnt my penguin it’s a friend of mine.

August 6, 2008

Aqua Grabber – New Level

Club Penguin updated the Game Aqua Grabber by adding a new level. Credit goes to Toronto
                             Club Penguin Cheats – Aqua Grabber Level 1, Clam Waters

Collect pearls from the small clams, while they are asleep. The black pearls are worth more coins.

Once you have got all the pearls from the top, go to the bottom right. Pick up the rock.

Drop the rock on the clam. Now, pickup the grand pearl.

Bring it up to the top and complete the level.

Club Penguin Cheats – Aqua Grabber Level 2, Soda Seas

In the new level, you have to gather items, and drop them off in the net at the top.

Find all of the kegs. Save the ones with the coral in front of them for later. Once you have gathered enough kegs of cream soda, the plants will move and you will be able to pass.

Once you’ve cleared the top, go threw the area where bubbles come from. Watch out for puffer fish.

Watch out for the giant one too. After the puffer fish the treasure will be there. Bring it back to win.

August 4, 2008

Aqua Grabber Sneak Peek

Here is a expanded sneak peek of a new level in Aqua Grabber, There was a smaller pic of it on the cp site however it looked like a puffle. The Party ends August 5th so check it out before its gone.

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