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October 11, 2008

New Stage, New Pin

First of all i’m looking for a admin so if your interested just leave a comment. The new stage is out in club penguin, it is Planet Y. There is also a new pin at the sports shop. It has a glitch when you pick it up it says, Would You Like To Pick Up Undefined. I think it’s fixed now. But it is a microscope.

There are no secrets in the stage catalog. Here are some pictures.

And Here are the New Items, the Blue Alien Mask and Suit, plus the Alien Thinking Cap. Plus the Planet Y background.

Planet Y Background:

You can spot Rockhopper in the telescope to be sure to check that out. Credit to Bergeron4444 for this post


September 12, 2008

New Stage, Pin

First of all credit goes to Boopy12345 for this post. I’m here to tell you about the new production at the stage and where the new pin is.

Here is the title of the new production at the stage:

Here is the list of the new items:

Gray Fedora – 250
Magnifying Glass – 150
Detective’s Coat – 650
Dazzle Dress – 600
Pearl Necklace – 550
Movie Star Wig – 600
Blue Felt Hat – 300
Blue Zoot Suit – 700
Skinny Blue Tie – 150
Black Zoot Shoes – 450
Doorman’s Cap – 150
Doorman’s Jacket – 400
Detective Background – 60
Director’s Cap – 250


How to get the Dark Detective Suit: Click on the Doorknob on the page of the Blue Suit and the Doorman Suit for the Dark Detective suit which costs 650 coins.

How to get the Noir Background: Go to the last page, and drag down the note that says “How Do I Get Coins?”

How to get the Ruby Gemstone pin: Perform the following steps in order.

1. Click on the file cabinet in the office.
2. Click on the trash can in front of the stairs.
3. Click on the book on the desk near the bottom of the screen.
4. Click on the vase with flowers near the couch.
5. Click on the picture near the script, the abstract painting of circles and ovals.
6. Click on the Ruby Gemstone in the safe and click yes.

The new production is pretty cool. A black and white theme I suppose.

Anyways here’s the new pin.

July 11, 2008

New Stage

It’s called Squidzoid Vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal be sure to check it out. Also check the clothing items you can buy. The New Features have been a delayed a big longer because of problems.

Here is the backround that you can get.

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